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Memories of Moderation

Menial Mention of Mentality

13 March
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User Number: 3289407
Date Created:2004-05-27
Number of Posts: 346

crimson_n_bane is a disgruntled pricess that grew up in a little town in Oregon. She loves to talk and spend time voyeuring on the internet. She spends too much time working in her salon wishing she could expand and add a boutique.
Strengths: Fun, entertaing and dramatic. She knows people and can make friends easily.
Weaknesses: Frightful gossip, she knows info on just about everyone and is willing to share.
Special Skills: Pop Culture Queen, can name an actor/movie from limited clues, hair goddess and colour queen.
Weapons: Scissors (which she runs with), riding crop, prismatic hair color that will entice and intrigue any one within 10ft (sv. vs. will) or mesmerized.
Motto: Lighten Up!

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29 almost 30 year old child. Obsessing about everything and remaining in a constant state of stress. Only child who grew up to be a brat (go figure). Very addicted to the LJ, & E-mailing. I am the worst speller and to lazy to look anything up in a dictonary so bugger off if you have a problem with that, thank kevin for spell check. I love flicks, the more obscure the better, music and books so let me know if you know any good ones. I love food and drinking. I pretty much babble all the time and love people when they babble back.